Step 1: Explore Learning Opportunities

Step 2: Apply for the Internship You Want

Student Application Process

Once a student finds an internship, they should apply for it through the company that offered the internship.

Step 3: Obtain Department Approval & Sign A Syllabus Overview

Departmental Approval

Once a student has applied for an internship with their employer of choice, they need to obtain Departmental Approval and sign a syllabus overview.

Step 4: Employer Master Agreement

Master Agreement

The student needs to check the database here to see if their future employer has already signed a master agreement with BYU. If they have not, a PDF version of the agreement is available here. The student should then take the master agreement to their perspective employer and obtain their signature on the document. After it has been signed. It needs to be turned in via email, fax or in person to:

Location: 250 SNLB


Fax: (801) 422-0653  

If the employer refuses to sign the agreement, speak with Sister Terry.

Step 5: Fill out the Initial Information Sheet (IIS)

Initial Information Sheet

The Initial Information Sheet (IIS) should be filled out and emailed to the College Internship Coordinator. NOTE: PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FILE AND THEN EDIT IT IN A PDF READER ON YOUR COMPUTER, NOT IN YOUR WEB BROWSER.

Step 6: Fill out BYU's Online Application


After the master agreement is signed, the student must then complete an online application for BYU. Once a student has completed all steps, the college internship coordinator will approve the internship. Then it goes to BYU’s internship office for approval. Once they approve it, the student will receive an email notifying them they can register for the course (if before the add/drop deadline) or that they have been registered for the course (if after the add/drop deadline).

Step 7: International Student ONLY

International Students Checklist

You must check with International Student Services Office to see if you are eligible to work and to pick up a blue CPT form. The CPT form, along with an offer letter from the company, MUST be turned into Sis. Terry.